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Custom Stadium Sounds Tutorial

  1. Burn all mp3s to a blank music CD
  2. Insert disc into Xbox/PS3 and rip music to hard drive
  3. Create and name a playlist for each song
    *Note: Each playlist can only contain one song
  4. From the MY NCAA 2010 menu, select Custom Sounds
  5. Create a new event and select team, event and playlist.
  6. You must save your profile after creating Custom Sounds

Available Events:
  • Successful Field Goal
  • Successful PAT
  • Successful 2 pt Conversion
  • Touchdown
  • Safety
  • Defense on 3rd down
  • Defense on 4th down
  • Kickoff
  • Timeout called by home team
  • Timeout called by away team
  • Tackle for loss or sack
  • Defensive stop on 3rd down
  • Defensive stop on 4th down
  • Turnover
  • Defense takes the field after a kick return
  • 3rd down conversion successful
  • 4th down conversion successful
  • 1st down conversion on 1st or 2nd down
  • FG missed by opponent
  • Booth review
  • Start of the 4th quarter
  • Penalty on Away team

* Video tutorial courtesy of EA Sports: